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  • Encouragement Cards - Blue + Green
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The average person receives 7 words of criticism for every 1 word of encouragement—and that’s especially true in the middle and high school years. So, whether you’re encouraging a friend or someone in your family, your words have remarkable potential.
Place these cards inside a locker, a gym bag, a backpack, set them next to a bowl of cereal in the morning, place them on a pillow at night, or leave them on the dashboard of a car neatly tucked under the windshield wipers.
Oh, and if you sometimes aren’t sure what to say, that’s okay. Five of the six designs come with a prompt to help you get started: I’ve been thinking . . . I’m really glad . . . I hope you know . . . I have noticed . . . I remember when . . . (one in six is completely blank on the inside -- so that one is up to you!)


Color: 6 Unique patterns with a blue and green palette

Quantity: 24 Cards delivered in a box with a clear top for easy viewing

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